Beauty is chasing us..

24 May, 2012

Early yesterday morning my sister and I were out exploring Braeside Park, and we came across the playground. As we walked, we reminisced about how fun playgrounds used to be as kids, and even how simple it all sounds... 'sliding' down the slide, 'swinging' on the swing.
Puffing as we walked and talked, we joked, "we should come back one day and play on it!" We strolled on as the track curved around the playground. The sun reached through the trees, beckoning us. Both thinking the same thing... "should we? could we?", we looked at each other with great delight, glanced around, and ran cheekly across the tan bark towards the giant slide. 
So there it was. Quite a sight to see. Two adult women squealing with laughter sliding down slides, climbing up and down play equipment in gym gear and giggling like 4 year olds. But can I tell you it was so refreshing. To put aside the inhibitions and just run with childlike innocence. I highly recommend it!
{By the way... I'll have you know that tube slide on the right side was seriously steep...}

After our little ten minute 'playground session', we made it back to the "grown ups walking track" feeling so free, completely energized and full of joy. The adrenalin was pumping and we felt so refreshed. So THIS is why kids are so happy and have so much energy all the time! We walked home and had coffee together, shocked at the fact we couldn't remember the last time we'd done this even though we live 2 minutes away from each other.
Beauty chases after us every day of our lives
Our fun little morning reaffirmed this in my heart. Life is busy. And if we don't purposely look for them, we will miss the unopened gifts of beauty chasing us each day. Even now as you are reading this, take a moment to stop. Look around you and find something beautiful to be thankful for. And why don't you think of something simple you'd really like to spend time doing. Now schedule it in for next week. Even it's just half an hour. I guarantee you'll feel the joy!
Have a beautiful day!
nat x

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