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26 March, 2015

Bonjour my friends :)

Happy Friday... so here's a little fall treat for you all, since here in Melbourne we have "officially" moved into a bit of "ahhhh soooo cold" weather this week! I know, I know... my US, UK & Canadian friends, it's nothing compared to your winters, but stilllllll, it's a bit of a shock to our senses isn't it Melbs peeps?! Especially after lying on the BEACH last weekend?! So today I thought we'd embrace the season change... the only thing I am bummed about is that we don't have pumpkins to decorate our houses with like I did in New York for fall in September! Hmmm... Do you think we could try it? Maybe we could import them ha. ;) This is my little fall decoration in my apartment last year. Aren't these little pumpkins so cute!

Anywayyyyyy... on to this week's fashion inspo. Here are some fab favs I've sourced for you... let me know which ones you love best. Are you rocking any of these already? I know I am thinking of a few of you when I see a couple of these pics... ;) He he... enjoy friends! X

If you can actually believe it, I literally haven't been shopping since I returned from NYC last November... what the heck?! I think with all the Christmas shopping, and planning for travel this year, I just kinda forgot? Ha! How hilarious is THAT. What about you? Have you bought anything lately? Or are you like me and just, um, forget!? Well, I think it's cos I have kind of been "shopping my wardrobe", which isn't a bad thing to do. It helps you save money, and makes you realise what you actually have in your closet that you don't even wear. But perhaps it's time for a little purchaaaase... I am heading to Alaska in 8 weeks, so I may need some more scarves... he he ;)

What's going to be your next purchase? And for all my lovely friends in the northern hemisphere... it's spring for you yay! I'd love to hear... what's on your wishlist heading into this season?

Have a beautiful weekend my friends... and be sure to do something that makes your heart happy. And if someone randomly pops into your head, why not give them a call or send them a little message and encourage them :)

Sending lots of love to you!

Nat x



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