Don't settle for less than thriving.

29 March, 2015

Happy Monday!

How fab is this pic?! Look at these women in the front... so much fun. This is how I want to live!

How was your weekend? I visited friends in their beautiful new home, and yesterday I caught up with another lovely friend from the very first Alaska tour I led two years ago. Man time goes by quickly! It was so wonderful and special to see her. It made me thankful for wonderful friends of all ages, near and far. They are such gifts from God don't you think? :) I'm sure you have some like these, you know the ones; the ones you may not have seen for a while, but the moment you get together it feels like no time has passed and the conversation picks up just where it left off. What would we do without friends?!

I also walked along the beach yesterday. What a morning. Look at this. #nofilter ;)

Not a movement of wind, the water was like glass and a solo sail boat glided across like it was ice-skating. Overwhelmed by the beauty of the moment, I sat down on the sand, inspired and refreshed. As I looked out across the bay, I reflected on some of the changes I have been making recently on this little "journey to abundant rest". A little smile appeared on my face as I took a deep breath in, "it's working" I thought. :) Thriving is not something I want to experience occasionally. God's promise to me and you is, "Life in abundance." (John 10:10). Abundance is over the top, too much, extravagant, overflow, and it's available to me, so I'm taking it.

The definition of thriving is "to prosper and flourish" (Source), "to grow steadily, develop well or vigorously" (Source), "to bloom, blossom, advance and succeed" (Source).

God's plan for our life is for us to prosper and flourish. He loves it when we're thriving! He never runs out of goodness, it's extravagant and abundant. Psalm 23 tells us his goodness actually pursues us, in other words, it literally chases us down. Sometimes it feels like we have to 'work' and 'try so hard' in order to be blessed, but that couldn't be further from the truth. God's favour is easy.

This doesn't mean there's no hard work in life. The bible says, "A dream comes with much business and painful effort" (Ecclesiastes 5:3 AMP). I'm talking about striving. That painful, stressful 'oh my gosh, it doesn't feel like I'm getting anywherrrrrre' hard slog that's draining, exhausting and overwhelming. This, my friends, is not what he has for us. :) Have a think about your life, take a little stocktake. Are there areas that don't feel 'easy'? Are there some areas you feel like you're striving? That are not fun anymore? Well... be encouraged, one whisper from your heavenly Father can bring a rush of joy and fun and turn everything around. Look at this pic below... this is what we're after. Okay?! ;)

Abundance and joy and fun and rest are yours for the taking today. So don't settle for less than thriving. Have a beautiful week friends and let's be expecting something magical to happen. Woo hoo! ;)

Love Nat x

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