Keep going.

10 May, 2015

Morning friends :)

Happy Monday... here's a little snippet of something I wrote on the weekend. I hope it encourages you to keep going and to hold on to your dreams.


It's late on Saturday afternoon and I'm sitting tucked away in the corner of the Capital Kitchen... this is one of my favourite writing spots. The crowds have dwindled after the lunch time rush and it's nice and quiet. Just as I've opened my laptop, I hear God whisper to me, "keep going." These two little words are just what I need to hear. 

Over the last few weeks I've been increasingly diligent in pursuing one of the biggest dreams in my heart, this book. Every spare moment I've been editing chapters, researching publishers, thinking about editors, and basically asking a gazillion questions to all sorts of people on 'how to publish a book and get it into people's hands'. But.... as I have been doing all of this, as good as it all may seem, I've noticed little feelings of doubt have been trying to weasel their way in. Thoughts like, "Nat, you are still so far from where you want to be.".. "This is taking too long".. "How are you ever going to find a publisher?".. "Oh no, you're sooo far behind!" So crazy right?!

Looking at a long road in front of us without God's eyes, often results in discouragement and overwhelm. For me, despite these feelings trying to creep in lately, I have been continuing to declare God's promises. Even when I don't "feel it", I just have to speak it out and declare life. The moment we declare his truth, hope comes.



So I'm thinking of you and wanted to encourage us both. We can't give up. Because his promise for us is that if we hold on, we will reap a great harvest. 


Giving up is easy. But pushing through and holding on to your dreams takes courage, strength, fearlessness and more tenacity than you ever thought possible. Dreaming requires fight. It requires holding on when everything feels like it's slipping through your fingers, it requires faith when all you feel is fear, and it requires focus, not looking at others or comparing.

"Do not conform to the patterns of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind."
Romans 12:2

This is one of my absolute favourites. Reading these words always pulls me back into line. It shifts my thinking and stirs my faith, reminding me that before God breathed out the stars, in all his glory and with great love, he wrote the story of my life. As he placed the dreams in my heart, he also equipped me for every one of them. So as I sit here, speaking these words of truth over my life, I am feeling faith rise. :) And I pray this over you too as you are reading, that you would be filled with fresh hope.



I'm not sure what you are facing right now, or where you are on the road of what you are believing for, but let me encourage you. Keep going. You are making progress. Don't give up. Let's continue to stand, holding on to God's promises, because even though it feels like nothing is happening, we ARE moving forward!

Not one of all the Lord's promises to Israel failed, EVERY ONE was fulfilled.
Joshua 21:45

What a promise. And so it is with us. God looks at your life as a whole, he sees you at the end of your life, and guess what? Not ONE of his promises has failed! Every single one was fulfilled. So let's cheer one another on in our journeys. Wherever you are at, whatever you are waiting for... keep trusting and KEEP GOING because you are getting there! Sending a HUGE hug to you today...

Have the best week!  :)

Love Nat xo

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Comments (7)

  1. Claire Muller:
    May 10, 2015 at 11:38 PM

    Thanks! So needed to hear this!!!

  2. Your Name:
    May 11, 2015 at 05:47 AM

    Great words Nat, keep going!

  3. Nat:
    May 12, 2015 at 01:39 AM

    Awww... thank you beautiful Claire, you are such a treasure. Hope it encouraged you and that you have an amazing week. You are such a generous soul, you are going to be so blessed so re ready for it. Love you lots my friend :)

    Love Nat xo

  4. Michelle Beasy:
    May 13, 2015 at 04:17 AM

    Thanks Nat ????
    Sending you a big hug back to keep going!!
    ?xx Michelle

  5. Natalie :
    May 13, 2015 at 08:00 AM

    Oh my gosh Michelle! You are beautiful :) Bless you my lovely friend... Sending you love. Let's chat soon.

    Nat xo

  6. Esther:
    May 19, 2015 at 01:51 PM

    Thank you for this lovely post. Sometimes you need a boost of inspiration ?? Your print is just gorgeous! Can't wait to add it to my collection xx

  7. Nat:
    May 20, 2015 at 11:41 AM

    Oh Esther thank you so much! I am so glad you like it :):) I'd love to see a pic of it amongst your collection :) Lots of love to you... have a great week! (Oh and heck yes to needing a boost of inspiration!)

    Love Nat xo

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