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30 August, 2015


Okay. Big dreamers, listen up. Hands up who's felt overwhelmed with the magnitude of your dream either now or in the past? Well firstly if you haven't ever felt this, then mayyyyybe you're not dreaming big enough (he he!!) BUT if you have just know you are not alone! I have felt a little like this over the last few days as I begin this ginorrrrrrmous book editing process, so here's what I do. 

5 things to do when you're feeling overwhelmed:

1. Stop and take the pressure off. Striving and stress is not from God. :) So if you're ever feeling overwhelmed, take a break. When we try and push through we just end up creating from a place of tension and fear rather than joy and freedom. And ain't nobody got time for that.

2. Do something creative and fun. When we're too close to a project, or near the birthing of a dream it can feel all consuming. So stop and do something totally different and fun. Often the moment we take the pressure off and do something else, we get clarity and things start coming together.

3. Collaborate and ask for guidance. Don't try and do it on your own! God has done a fabulous job creating 7 billion of us, each with our own unique and amazing qualities to compliment each other. Often someone else thrives in the VERY thing you struggle with, so buddy up and just wait and see what happens when two amazing gifts come together!

4. Wait and don't worry. When we can't see how something is going to work out, anxiety can take its toll. But God promises us when we "trust in him with all our heart; and don't depend on our own understanding, when we seek his will in all we do, he WILL show us which path to take." :) {Proverbs 3:5-6 NLT} 

5. Expect and anticipate clarity and direction! You have creativity flowwwwwwing through your veins. It just needs to be released. When you do something fun, you feel joy. And joy ALWAYS releases inspiration. So guess what? It's time for FUN. ;)

I just looked my phone this morning and this bible verse was sitting as a reminder waiting for me. 

"As pressure and stress bear down, I find JOY in your commands! :) Psalm 119:143

How cool is that. :) The God who created the universe is LEADING and guiding us. Even when we have no idea what direction we are headed or how to make sense of what's in our hearts, he knows! So be released from any pressure today and do something fun. :) And let me know what you do okay. Hmmm... I might go rockclimbing!

Stacks of love and have an amazing week!

Nat xo

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