Seen and known.

30 September, 2015

Hi lovelies!

My beautiful friend Nic is a hairdresser, and she says her most favvvvvourite thing is when someone sits in her chair and says, "Do whatever you like!" In that moment all limitations are taken off her because her client trusts her with her creativity. I asked her why she loves it so much and her response was, "It's when I do my best work!" 

There's someone else who can do his best work when we take the limits off. Last Saturday morning I was sitting on the floor in the sun eating my breakfast {as you do}... and I felt God speak to me. It wasn't audible, but I could 'hear' it. He said... 

"Hey Nat, do you know how much FUN it is for me watching you live your life?!" 

I almost giggled because 1) it was soooo casual, 2) it came totally out of nowhere and 3) part of me was shocked thinking 'are you serious?!' I often feel like I'm all over the place?! So I asked him what he meant. Then he said, "Just like Nic loves when her clients 'take the limits off' her and let her create, it's the same with me. When my kids let go and trust me with their life, saying 'Do whatever you like!' THIS is when I am able to do my best work. And Nat... this is what you do!" Well shucks. :) I'd never thought about it like this before. 

{This is me last year about to get in a teeny tiny plane and fly above glaciers!}

Do you ever notice little kids dressed up as Superman and Disney princesses are always yelling "Dad, look at me! Mum, watch me!" Or how many times have you heard a child shout "Look, look!!" from the top of the playground about to come bounding down the slide, or something else "BIG" like this? Kids are confident to do big things when they know their identity and they know they are "seen".


I'm a BIG dreamer. And as I mentioned in my last email, sometimes I get a litttttttttle FREAKED OUT walking this "road less travelled..." BUT I find that knowing I am not alone helps a lot. :) I know God is always on my side, cheering me on and that gives me courage to dream BIG. And the same goes for you. You never need to be afraid or feel alone. Sometimes it really can feel like we are wandering through this life on our own, like no one is watching out for us, or knows what we are up to. But God's eyes are on us. We are seen and known by the creator of the universe.

So as I sat there on the floor, I just kept hearing the words, "Nat, you are seen and known." So to tell this story and hopefully inspire you guys too, I grabbed my paint brush and created this new limited edition "Seen & Known" print. Everytime I look at it I feel courageous to dream even BIGGER, so I pray that over you too. I have 20 available for just $20 so if you'd like to purchase one, or know someone who would be encouraged by this CLICK HERE. :) Have a beautiful day!


Love Nat xo


{Images 1 + 3 = Nat / Images 2 + 4 = Pinterest}



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Comments (2)

  1. Your Name:
    Oct 01, 2015 at 01:37 AM

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful and honest journey with usx

  2. Serena:
    Nov 20, 2015 at 07:17 PM

    Love this! Thanks for sharing Nat! x

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