3 ways to SMASH fear.

09 May, 2016

"Fear and doubt are ALWAYS part of the dreaming process. Don't be fooled. Big dreamers, CEOs, every SINGLE person who has EVER done anything significant; all face fear and doubt {usually daily.}"


I wrote these words on my Facebook page because I have been speaking to SO MANY people who are facing the same fears and doubts as me... So guess what? We are going there again today and we're going to smash it.

Following on from last week's honest blog
... after the launch of The Dreams Co., I felt completely overwhelmed. So I took myself out for a long walk. No technology. Just me and God. When fear and lies fill my mind, I need to hear TRUTH. I don't need to scroll through social media. I need to hear what my Father is saying about me. And just as I am about to show you... when I do this, ALL the lies disappear and I am reminded of who I am: a powerful, bold, courageous child of God.

So there we were, me and God, walking along. I was complaining, my shoulders slumped, blah blah blah... {So tragic! I bet you have been here too right?} So I'm asking him, {super dramatically of course} "Oh Lord. I really need some encouragement. Why am I feeling like this? I need your truth. HELP me out here!" 

Now God speaks differently to all of us. Do you know how he speaks to you? Just think of the things you love. He will speak to you through those things. For me it's being surrounded by beauty, and being outside in nature. Have you seen these trees along the beach? They're Norfolk Island Pines. And this is how God pulled me out my cloud of fear last week.

1. First I passed a long line of HUGE trees. I gazed up. I wondered how old they were? Who planted them? What things had they seen in their long lives? Their height was stunning. Just beautiful. The sun shone through them and made them look so regal. {Looking back now, this is the moment peace came, the moment God started speaking.}

2. Then I saw some baby pine trees. They were probably only a few years old, they looked so fragile and sensitive. They were held up by three wooden stakes, which protected from the wind so they wouldn't blow over while they were growing and getting strong. I thought of the strength and time it would take to grow into their destiny. Years and years.

3. Then I came across some medium sized pine trees. They didn't have any stakes; they had grown strong in their roots and could support themselves. As I was looking at these two smaller versions of full sized trees, I thought to myself, if I were I pine tree, which stage of my life would I be in? I'd probably be the medium one. Actually no, I'd be the baby tree for sure. With SO far to go.

I gazed at the big trees again, a big long line of them. I was awed by their size. I know this sounds silly but I actually thought how "cool" they were, compared to the smaller ones. 


That's when God spoke. "Nat you're actually the big pine tree." Um, pardon me? Now, this might seem super simple, but these words were like an explosion in my heart, bringing life and encouragement to my soul. He continued. "NAT! You are further along than you know. You are stronger and wiser than you realise. YOU have great authority. Your words are powerful."

Tears filled my eyes as my perspective changed. All fear and discouragement left as I felt seen and known. "Huh? I am the BIG tree? But I feel like I still need to learn soooo much and have so far to go!" Tears flowing, I was almost shaking my head in disbelief as he gently began to change my mindset, reminding me of who I am and how far I have come. And guess what, the same goes for you too.

Maybe you feel like the tiny tree. So soooooo far behind... feeling like you have SO far to go? But I want to tell you, you have SO much experience, you have SO much to offer, and you are the only one who can do what you have been created to do.

And you're not alone. I face this kind of fear and discouragement ALL THE TIME. So does everyone. This is just one example. Sometimes I recognise it quickly and can knock it on the head right away, but other times it takes so long and I think I am going crazy.


1. Recognise and expose it as liar.
Just stop and ask yourself, "What am I feeling here? Am I actually believing something that isn't true?" Team up with a fellow big dreamer and share experiences. I guarantee they will be able to relate. 

2. Replace lies with TRUTH.

Some fear is real. Like if you're in real danger. But the type of fear that cripples us is a liar. Ask God what he's saying or find truth in the Word. If you're looking in the bible, look for what it says about what you are experiencing. The opposite of what we fear is actually truth. Eg/ "Perfect love removes all fear." 1 John 4:18. = FEAR is the lie and LOVE is the truth. :) When we know how much we are loved, there is no room for fear. 

3. Remember who you are as a daughter or son of God.
Your role on earth is critical. You've been created for an epic adventure. But you have an enemy who tries {daily} to hold you back and wear you out. BUT as God's child, you have the power to overcome. NO WEAPON formed against you will prosper. 

If you can relate to this blog, I'd love to help you. 
This is the whole reason I created The Dreams Co. It's an honest, vulnerable, positive, encouraging, inspiring family of DREAM CHASERS, who all face these things I have mentioned, but are determined to keep dreaming BIG regardless.

I'm passionate about coming alongside you and sharing what I have learnt about dreaming big and finding hope despite discouragement, fear and disappointment.

So let’s do this journey together hey?! Enrolment for The Dreams Co. is open for 3 more days
{ends this THURSDAY 12 MAY} So CLICK HERE to sign up.

Sending BIG love and cheering you on.

Nat xo


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