Dream before you have the money.

11 August, 2016

Morning friends all around this big wonderful world!

I apologise for being MIA of late... I've been a busy bee launching The Dreams Co. and have just returned from two months in Alaska, Canada and New York. Since being back it's been a bit of an emotional ride, as my Papa passed away last week. He was so dear to my heart and it still doesn't feel real... even after crying an ocean of tears at his funeral yesterday. :( Then as I was driving home tonight, after celebrating my beautiful Aunty Rosemary's birthday, I remembered this blog I wrote in January. I felt prompted to share it with you again, because after these past few weeks, my perspective on 'dream limits' has been smashed once again. 

When we have a passion for something, it's because it has to do with our PURPOSE. Our passions are the clue to why we are on the planet... so let me encourage you, it's time to follow them. We have one life and there is no time to waste. Any entrepreneur or successful person will tell you -- NO ONE has all the money they need when they first dream. Anyone can dream when they have the money. The key is learning to dream AS IF you have it. So I'm going to share how I do it. :)

A little while back I wrote this on my Facebook page:

"God doesn't work within the boundaries of time or finance. He breathed the universe in a second and hangs the earth on NOTHING. He sees our lives as one glorious tapestry from beginning to end and we get to dream WITH him!!!! Oh my gosh. Seriously. Small thinking always leads to discouragement. It's time to think BIGGER!!!"

It's so true! So in order to think bigger... I begin every day reading or declaring something encouraging from the word of God. I don't know if you can relate, but it seems soooo often we wake each day behind the eight ball. We haven't even opened our EYES yet, and our pesky little thoughts try and come in and tell us all about how we can't do this, we can't do that, there's not enough money for that... blah blah blah whateverrrr!

So I have to get in early. It's what I have done this morning. By reading God's truth and setting that as a benchmark, it helps my mind to think from his unlimited perspective, instead of my human, often silly, limited thinking. It sounds funny, but even just saying hi to Jesus helps me. :) It's true! I mean think about it, he's always with us, so it's rude not to say hi right?! It just makes me aware of him. He's always waiting to talk to us and tell us amazing stuff. And He wants to tell you something new today.

I love Job 26:7...

"He stretches out the stars over empty space, he hangs the earth on nothing."

NOTHING! Can we even fathom that? I was having a conversation with a friend on Saturday night and we were freaking each other out with God's greatness... He holds the universe in his HAND. The u-n-i-v-e-r-s-e. And in that same hand, he holds our hearts and all our dreams. Oh my gosh. Stop it.

He sees you right now. He sees all you cry out for. All you dream of. And he especially sees ALL the dreams still hidden within the depths of your precious heart. And he is COMMITTED to calling them out.

I've been talking to so many people about dreams lately, and I am finding that "money" is SUCH a big hindrance to dreaming. So often it feels like it rules our lives. But there has to be another way right? There is. We need to change our thinking. It's the key. You and I are citizens of heaven. CITIZENS. So that means we are from heaven, with access to ALL that is there, which is every resource we need for our dreams. So how do we do this?

By totally renewing our mind and changing our thinking.

We renew our minds by seeing ourselves from God's perspective, and by realising who we are. We are his kids! So we are royalty. And by elevating our thinking we are confident to know we can ask him to provide all we need to see our big dreams happen. Whenever I freak out about money I remind myself, "He owns the world. The WORLD. Everything is his!" 

"The earth is the Lords, and everything in it!!" (Psalm 24:1)

I truly believe there is SO much more for you. Hidden treasures lie in your heart and I want to help you awaken them. Even now as I am watching my dreams happen, there are limitations I am facing. So daily I have to change my thinking and renew my mind because I am believing for some big miracles financially. And it WILL happen. Dreaming without money is powerful. So let's do this TOGETHER. Despite your financial situation, it's time to DREAM.

{Text updated 11th Aug: The financial miracles I mentioned above DID happen. And because I kept believing and thinking big, I was able to launch The Dreams Co. This 12-month dreams mentoring program is ALL about pushing the limits and dreaming BIG. It's about dreaming without money and believing for greater than you can see. I now have 15 amazing students in The Dreams Co. Family (which I am STILL blown away by!) and I am loving seeing their lives changed. We are all on a journey, and we are on it together. :) We have a fabulous Facebook group with heaps of inspiration and community, as well as videos, dreams worksheets and conference calls. I go into lots more detail in the course than I have here in this blog post, so if you want some encouragement in the area of your dreams, sign up in The Dreams Co. September Enrolment!! We'd LOVE you to join the family. For more deets email me HERE and we can chat!}

I love you and believe in you... thank you for being on this journey with me. Here's to dreaming before we have the resources. We can do this!

You are going to have an amazing weekend my friend!

Nat xoxo

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My mindset about all this has changed over the last three years, which is why I launched

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  1. Your Name:
    Nov 04, 2016 at 11:41 PM

    Hi Nat

    Love your blog. I've been reading some old ones and there is a photo on one which I love and wondered if it is yours or if you bought it. It is on your old site - 16 September 2013 Enlarged in the Waiting. It's a photo of a child sitting on a suitcase on a railway tack. I would love to be able to use it so wondered if it is available.
    Thank you for the words you share,

  2. Natalie Box:
    Jan 12, 2017 at 06:36 AM

    Hi, Glenyss :) Thank you so much for your beautiful words! I love that pic of the suitcase too -- it's from Pinterest though... I just tried to find the original (I have linked to it at the bottom of that blog) but it isn't available anymore? So... perhaps just use it and say "Source = Pinterest?" :) Bless you and thank you again for connecting! Are you in Australia?
    Love Nat xoxo

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