Want Weekly Encouragement?

Inspired By 

This part of The Writer's Ink is dedicated to the amazing dreamers who have inspired me and continue encourage me with their creativity and passion. It's so important for us to constantly surround ourselves with men and women who are chasing their dreams and doing great things. We can sometimes get discouraged and disheartened as we step out to follow our dreams, often feeling like we are 'on our own'. 

The Writer's Ink is...

A place for YOU to come and be inspired. 
Rather than competing and comparing with each other, let's encourage one another and cheer each other on. There is more than enough creativity to go around, and the world desperately needs what we have to give.

So my aim for this little resource of interviews is for you to hear some beautiful stories of creativity and faith and be inspired to run! Maybe you know which dreams you are chasing, or perhaps you are still not sure. Wherever you may find yourself at the moment, I pray these stories inspire you to dream bigger, to live 'outside the box', and believe that whatever is in your heart is already part of your destiny. 

I hope you enjoy! :)


Nat x
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