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I'm so glad you're here! I'm Nat, from Melbourne, Australia but I have been known to be found gallivanting around New York, Alaska or Europe for months at a time. 4 years ago I asked myself, “What I would do for FREE?” And the answer was: travelling, writing and encouraging people. So I decided I wanted to job that entailed all of that. Easy right? Well, that is honestly what has happened. So grab a coffee, get comfy and I'll tell you a bit of my story.

For the last few years, I have been on a journey of the soul. You know when you've faced some deep battles, endured seasons of deep pain and then you suddenly look at life differently and think, there HAS to be something more.

When I first meet people I don't ask them what they do, I ask them what they LOVE to do. Me? I love encouraging people. I love to help them dream big and realise how amazing they are. I believe with everything in me that at any moment, ANYTHING can happen. But at the same time, things we are hoping and believing for often DON'T happen in a moment. It's flipping hard tension we have to live with. Maybe you find it a little difficult too?! Believing for BIG things, but stirring HOPE in your heart for the everyday. Dreaming big often requires some very painful waiting.

But this is LIFE friends.

Beautiful and tough. Breathtaking and painful. Frustrating yet full of joy. And amidst it all, all the dreaming, all the crazy adventures, all the risks, all the fear, all the discouragement, all the joy and all the pain, I am determined to find the beauty and find my way back to HOPE. So I’d love to share my journey with you and hopefully bring you encouragement along the way.

A little bit more about my story...

I am convinced, now more than ever,
that living our dreams is directly correlated
to the joy we feel in life.

When we don’t have a dream, we lack hope.

In 2001 I suffered badly from depression. I felt trapped with no way out. But after a long, dark journey of hopelessness... out of nowhere... I was reminded of a dream I had when I was a little girl. The dream to sing. In that moment for the first time in almost a year, I felt hope in my heart. I couldn’t explain it, but the darkness had lifted. I felt hope for the first time in a long time.

You can watch me share a little of my personal story HERE. My wonderful friend Betty interviewed me for her TV show in New York City.

But even since then, fear and insecurity has continued to try and choke me. For years, resistance has come against me in every creative endeavour I have attempted, and fear has often kept me frozen. But feeling fear and moving anyway is what we MUST do. Anyone who has ever created anything great will say the same thing.

So after years of letting fear be in charge, in May 2012 it was time to take a risk. I knew there was more in my heart but I was afraid. Despite the resistance, I did it. I quit my job, stepped out in faith to follow the dreams I knew were buried in my heart somewhere. And this is when The Writer's Ink was born.

We never know the way to go until we take the first step.
That’s faith. :)

Since then it's been an amazing and painful and beautiful adventure. And now five years along, I feel more REAL than I ever have before. I still face fear and confusion and I'm uncomfortable, but not feeling like I have to 'have it all together' all the time has been a big thing. And learning how to rest and not strive. In 2015, I started writing The Dreams Co. course, and it has actually been a game changer for me personally. It’s reawakened many dreams I had when I was little, including the dream to sing. It's baby steps right now but it's happening. Fear is a big fat liar and we MUST push past the resistance if we are going to do the great and beautiful things in our hearts.

The narrow road of adventure, vulnerability, and authenticity is scary but worth it. So I continue to walk it and I will never stop.

So what about you? What’s your story?

How have you stumbled upon my site today? What are the deep things in your heart, pulling you forward?

For me? I’m creative and unique. Sometimes I don’t know what that means exactly, but I just follow the joy. I delight in writing and singing and talking and engaging and encouraging. And so I have many different things I love to do. There's the blog, but I'm also writing a book "Anything Can Happen", (about how in one moment, everything can change, and how God is bigger than we think and nothing is actually impossible. I also have another book buzzing around in my head (about my recent solo travels to Italia, and the courage and bravery and beauty I discovered in me). I lovvvve mentoring and cheering people on so I created The Dreams Co. (my 12 month passion project!!) I write inspirational and travel articles, and do television and radio ad voiceovers. I paint some inspirational prints and I get to take tours to Alaska and Scandinavia! Oh, and I also have an insane passion for NYC (I've been 10 times ha).

We don’t just have to stick to one thing. I have so many passions, so why not do them all?

Everything changes when we know who we ARE.

But in order to discover what our true passions are, we must go on a deeper journey discovering who we are. So I've learned to ask questions, dig deep into my heart, and face some BIG fears (and am still facing them, woah nelly). I've discovered the kindness and love of God and his people like never before, and I have realised that even when things don't make sense, He is faithful and good and can be trusted. :)  





Think back to when you were a kid.


You dreamed big, right? But what's happened to that big-dreaming, fearless, courageous, brave, adventurous "you?" Well, I can tell you for sure, that adventurer is still in there. That’s the REAL you.

You just need a bit of reminding. :)

So often in life, we feel pressured to be a certain way. It's sooooo crazy. We're constantly surrounded by the media telling us "what to look like," "who to be" and "what to say." My goodness, no wonder we get stuck playing the "comparison game!" We scroll through social media realising everything we're lacking (rather than seeing how amaaaaazing we are) and before we know it we're on a downward spiral into a pool of discouragement! Do you ever feel like this? I do! Which is why I created The Writer's Ink and The Dreams Co.

Deep inside your heart there are BIG dreams 
that make you come ALIVE.

And I would love to help you discover them. When you figure out what really makes you come alive, you realise JOY and adventure are always available, even in the painful times.
So let me encourage you today my dear friend. You have big dreams in your heart. Maybe you've forgotten them, but they are there. YOU have been created for something significant. You are walking this earth with a world-changing purpose.
You're breathing in and out this very moment for a reason. It's time to take the pressure off and think BIGGER. Little kids dream BIG because they have no fear and they know they are loved. So I hope and pray that as you read the words throughout this website, you'll know you are dearly loved. And that you have permission to dream!

So here’s to you, discovering those beautiful dreams in your heart, 
to learning how to juggle the joy and the pain, and to LIVING this beautiful life. 

So have a little explore around The Writer's Ink. And if you'd like encouragement follow @thewritersink on Insta, subscribe to the blog + check out The Dreams Co. And if you have any questions or want to connect, please email me at natalie@thewritersink.com.au :) I'd love to hear from you.


Love Nat x


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